The Key to managing your life, whatever the circumstances, is your ability to live life using the philosophy:

It is NOT WHAT happens BUT HOW you deal with it that matters.

It is not what happens but how you deal with it that counts: Just take a moment to notice how you feel reading that statement. Read it again if you have to because you need to notice if there is any resistance you feel to accepting the life-changing wisdom contained within that short statement.

 So, how did you feel? Amused, angry, dis-believing, accepting denying or nothing. What was going through your mind? Maybe nothing or were you thinking something along the lines of “it’s ok to say that but they don’t know what I’m going through” or “Easier said than done”.

 It can be a difficult one to accept especially if you are suffering from a disability of any kind, facing a life threatening illness,  have just lost a loved one or are facing any other type of difficult situation.

 Whatever you were thinking or feeling you are right: but does the way you think and feel work for you?

 However, whatever the circumstances and whatever you feel or think about  it the reality of that statement remains an fact. The outcome of any situation depends upon how you deal with it.

 You may be thinking that there are circumstance that you have no control over and you would be right. But even then you do have control over how you react to whatever is happening. You always have a choice.

You want your life to change… So Let’s make it happen